Thursday, 29 January 2015

Feeling Spendy

Feeling spendy, I love that phrase. It was what I was feeling when I made three impulse purchases. To be honest I would of never bought these if I was with someone, but luckily for me I was by myself, this opportunity doesn't always happen!

I actually needed an eyeliner for a makeup tutorial/look I am planning to do soon, therefore this was definitely a necessary purchase. I actually intended to buy a Maybelline or Collection liquid eyeliner but I changed my mind when I did something amazing. I swatched this Rimmel one. Oh my. I cannot get enough of this; it is super opaque so perfect for beginners who won't want to keep building the colour up. One thin line is super dark and intense, I am in love. I was amazed as soon as I took it for a test and nearly did scream with delight. This wouldn't have been good especially as I was in Superdrug at the time. I have now came to the conclusion that I will do a full review on this gem to share with you all its glory. 

Next was a impulse purchase, I have actually tried out a tester of this foundation. I was stunned by the longevity of the product. Normally my foundation slips and wears off throughout the day. This one stays put like no other. It claims to stay put for 25 hours which is quite an odd number if you think about it. I can safely say that after 12 hours of use it has stayed on my face. Though I do need to powder as my face is looking a little shiny. I love this foundation though on my first few uses and I just cannot get over how well it stays on my face!

The last product I decided to pick up was the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara for £3!! What?!?! After I had purchased the foundation and the liner I spied this box of reduced makeup. It had the likes of Rimmel, Collection, Maybelline and 17, I have to say that I did grab the mascara as soon as I saw it. Just in case it disappeared. After a couple of tries with both ends of the mascara wand I can safely say that I love it! The formula is perfect and holds the curl all day, the two brushes are unusual good. A full review will becoming very soon, if you want to find more about the mascara just come back soon.

That was that, those are three products I have recently bought. I was super happy that they were on reduced offers. I would be vigilant in Superdrug and Boots as they have upped their game in the sale side of things, I love it! I do hope you liked this shorter but informed post, I will try to update this blog once if not twice a week.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

What I Have Been Thinking These Past Few Months ♡

Recently I have noticed that I have been finding myself reading more lifestyle posts, my favourite to mention has to be Hannah Gale. Her ability to write is amazing and be completely honest in each and every post is well phenomenal, no wonder her work went viral. It has sparked something and made me rethink the whole purpose of this blog, do I just want to be known as this stereotypical girl who loves makeup. No. Admitting this to myself is strange as beauty is my everything, it's my hobby, it feels like my life most of the time. I want something more that this beauty and fashion blog. I do feel like I am putting myself into a box and restricting myself to write about topics that other people expect from me, I want to change that. I admit I do love reading, writing, watching anything makeup related; it's my passion. 

Though in the past few weeks the motivation to write hasn't been there, is this because I am becoming bored of this beauty obsessed world. Thousands upon thousands of beauty gurus are trying to make a name for themselves. Am I under pressure to perform? I have no clue. What I do know is that I do want everyone to know me for this person I have created for myself. In reality it is not quite as simple. I love this ideal I have made for myself but I want more. Isn't that everyones human nature. I am in no way denying that I do not enjoy writing and creating new content about makeup. I love reading about new collections, new releases, the best products; but this isn't what its all about. I want to create something that will inspire someone to try something different, experience something, even learn something totally new and think in a different way. I have been wanting to write about this lifestyle side of things but for some reason I have had no discipline in my routine to get me to write and let all my thoughts spill into this space. I have realised that I actually do like writing even if it takes some getting used to. It is so different writing about something you love rather than a specific text from the English modual at school. That is probably why I enjoy it so much, though the thought of sitting down to write is taunting especially as you are putting yourself on the front line by releasing your opinions into the world. Which will inevitably be on the internet forever. In the generation we live in now it has become completely normal to reveal ourselves on the internet in some way, so putting this post out there for me has become a normal thing and a daily practise. 

To be perfectly honest this is more of a summary post of all my little thoughts in the past month or two that I wanted to compose it into some sort of post to tell you where I have been and the lack of posts for that matter. In the near future I plan to go into more detail on everything, because you know what I love telling you about myself as it is a lot more interesting than a blusher that I don't even use. If your worrying that I won't be doing anymore beauty or fashion related posts, your wrong. I assure you there will be a healthy balance of both! Did you also notice how many times I wrote 'write', there really isn't any other word like it. I will hopefully be back very soon with a new lifestyle or beauty post, I actually have a quite a few products which I want to write about. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pocket Money Friendly Purchases

Today I decided to show you some products that I have recently picked up in the sales. I love sales but never normally find the things I am looking for. This year I was not very lucky in the clothes side of things; in the makeup and accessories side of things I did well. All of these items came to a total of £9.50, I am impressed; normally I would spend so much more! With the restraint of my friend Hannah I do not have doubles of some things, so that is a great improvement.

I went into Next to have a quick browse of the NYX makeup and I was very happy to find that every makeup item normally on the rack was at a discounted price! I was buzzing, I picked up this blush in the shade 'mauve' for £2.50! Instead of the overpriced price of £6, I really wanted to pick up two to add to my collection, but then Hannah reminded me that I don't like to wear blush so only buy one. It worked! I loved the feeling of not giving in to consumerism (even if I really wanted to). Truth be told I haven't worn this but when my skin clears up I really can not wait to pull this little gem out.

I lied, this really was a must purchase. Not in the sale. I have been in desperate need of a new mascara so when I saw this one I was easily wooed with the argon oil infused into the formula and the brush shape. I have been using this for less than a week now and I do quite like how it glides over my lashes giving a fuller lengthening effect. This is £7.99, but I had a voucher for £6; so really it was only £2, bargain!

Oooooo believe me I had in my hands this and a really dark lipstick in the sale for £4, which I would never wear. Even though I may never wear this it is a wonder to swatch and just looks so cute as it is a mini version. This is super creamy and it does not weigh my lips down (is that even a concept?). As I was in Topshop goggling at all the discounted gift sets I really was forced to purchase this tiny lip bullet. Everything was reduced from the 'Christmas line' and I was in heaven and I could of came out with so much products. At £3 it is truly a small investment to my red lip products.

Lastly I purchased this from Topshop for £2 it was £4, I did have two, one black and this one but I resisted and only bought one, yay. This is super soft and reminds me of the urban outfitters velvet scrunchies; which I have always wanted. This is a great alternative for me! I am still trying to work out how to wear it without looking like I have red bunny ears on my  head though. It's cool how all these trends from the 80's and the 90's are coming back; my mum was very surprised that I bought this but its so soft and it doesn't leave that annoying bump thing in your hair. My new love.

That was my little haul of the stuff I have purchased in the sale, I really hope to get back into blogging this year after that mini break. This was such a fun post to write even if I am only hauling four things, oh well. Have an amazing new year!

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Guess what? I have just published my first ever YouTube video; a Q&A. If you would like to see this video just click the link here. I cannot wait for you to see all my videos and to publish more videos for you. I loved filming and editing this video, I just can't wait to do more videos!! I would love it if you could subscribe and leave any video suggestions below. Thank you.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christams Tag | Collab with Hannah

Picture | Google Images
Hi I am doing a Christmas collaboration with the lovely Hannah! Hannah is absolutely lush and I love her blog so much, I have previously done a post with her but we decided to do another but Christmas related. If you want to check out her blog - you definitely should it is linked here. Also check out her Instagram, its beautiful, just saying. I am super jealous of her camera quality and everything about it so you should take a peak. It is @heyitshannaah . To get into the Christmas spirit we thought we could do the Christmas tag! Let's get straight into it.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Definetly Elf, who doesn't like that movie is the question. We have a tradition that after we have finished putting our Christmas decorations up we watch Elf. Ahhh I love cute traditions like that. It is so small but it really means a lot.

Do you open your presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?

Christmas morning, I would have to be very resilient to wait that long. I just can't wait and I love seeing how much thought has gone into everything!

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

To be honest I don't have a specific memory that stands out because there is so many memories. I do remember eating a lot of food at Christmas.

What's your favourite Christmas food?

PIGS IN BLANKETS. Can you even get any better. I don't even like bacon but this is just so delicious and I wish we could eat it all year long. Ooooh also I love brussel sprouts; seems unusual but I just adore them and I also wish I could eat them all the time. 

What's been your favourite Christmas gift?

Thats such a big question, where do I begin? I have had some amazing presents in the past including an iPhone and a whiteboard (I know I was really cool). I just can not chose because I have had some wonderful and very thought out gifts. Ahhhhh its just too hard, I also got a baby born, loved that. Did anyone else go through a phase of playing teachers and pretending to be a mum with a baby born or baby Annabelle? I did. 

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?

I do! We (me and my brother) open our new pyjamas just before we go to bed and wear them that night. Also we normally go round to our friends house for a little party; though I really am just spending time with the family. 

What tops your Christmas tree?

An angel, we literally have just finished decorating our house for christmas!

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

Seeing my family and friends faces when they unwrap their presents. Ahhhh I love it when I know I have bought something they like and I just can't wait for them to have it! 

This has really got me in the festive spirit! I hope you liked this little tag, I tag everyone to do this as it's so fun and Christmassy!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ultimate Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, CHRISTMAS! Ooooooh with Christmas comes presents so I thought I would round up a whole load of Christmas presents that is bound to make any makeup junkie/beauty addict happy. I thought I would split it into price range to make it easier and more accessible for your personal pocket.

Under £20 
Topshop lip and cream set, £12 Soap and glory zinging in the shower set, £18 Benefit sweet tintations, £19.50 Tangle teezer, £10.99 YSL mascara, £22.05 MAC 217 eye brush, £19 MAC lipstick, £15.50 Essie bridal duo kit, £13 OPI black cherry nail lacquer, £11.95 Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo, £18.50 Soap and glory powder, £12 Real techniques face core collection, £14.69 Real techniques starter eye kit, £12.59

Under £30
Topshop smokey eye set, £22 Benefit cheeky spot, £29.50 Urban Decay naked basics, £22 Benefit how to look the best at everything, £25.50 Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, £26 Kiehl's ultra face cream, £24 YSL lipstick, £25 Too Faced sweetheart blush, £24 Too faced boudoir eye pallet, £29 Tweezerman, £20.25 Bumble and Bumble pret a powder, £21.50 Real Techniques Nic's picks, £29.99 Charlotte Tilbury mini lipstick trio, £29.99 Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, £23 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, £21

Under £50
Smashbox full exposure pallet, £33.30 Urban Decay naked 3 pallet, £37 Urban Decay on the run kit, £37 Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, £32.50 Sisley long lasting lipstick, £34 Chanel foundation, £33 Chanel soleil tan de chanel, £32 Charlotte Tilbury powder and bromzer duo, £49 Tom Ford lipstick, £37 Nars sheer glow foundation, £30.50 Dior 5 eyeshadow pallet, £40 Nars algorithm bronzing powder, £35 Ted Baker wash bag, £49

Under £100
Jack Wills fabulous weekend essentials, £65 Soap and glory the next big thing set, £60 Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb set, £93 Clinque purifying sonic brush, £79 Marc Jacobs daisy dream, £52 - £70 Babyliss curl secret, £99.99 Foreo luna mini skincare device, £99 Charlotte Tilbury magic cream, £70 Tom Ford foundation, £62 

Do you like this type of post, I spent sooooo long online shopping! Started this post on Monday morning and I'm now finished on Wednesday evening; wooooo. Anyway I hope this gave you some inspiration on what to buy a friend or relation (fancy word) this Christmas. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hair Inspiration

Recently I have been obsessed with pinterest. I love looking at hair pictures and I thought would round up the general type (of hair) I adore; you can see newer hair posts on my pinterest wall here

I have fallen head over heals in love with long healthy swishy hair. These are a few of my favourites. Also do you notice that a few of these have ombre hair (very tempted) it looks so pretty. 

I can't get over how lush this rosy effect the hair has with this undertone

Hair goals, fingers crossed

Molly this reminds me of you!

Plaits, braids, whatever you like to call them, I love it! Half up half down or a little detail incorporating it, I am mad for it. 

My last section which I have a fair fondness for is texture, waves, curls. It looks beautiful and I'm jealous - my hair is so straight and has nothing to it. This messy look is captivating and I cannot get enough of it.  

I hope you liked this 'inspiration' (for your hair) post. I love pinning so follow my board if you want to see what I enjoy and think looks amazing. I will have to try some of these looks so if you want to see any tutorials just let me know on here or on my instagram @_itssmillie love you all and I hope you have a lovely week!